Our Story

Our Mission

To uplift the world of contract work by fostering a community where contractors can share vital information about employers with one another.

Meet the future of contract work.

I worked as an IT consultant/contractor for 15 years and on two continents. One day I left a job at a great company – where my work was flexible, well-paid, and respected – for a job that was closer to home. I jumped at the opportunity without getting much information – because there wasn’t much information to get.That job turned out to be a complete mismatch for me. I left in less than two months. Which got me thinking: How come there’s no way to get information about what it’s like to work for a company as a contractor – before you decide to take the job?

That’s how the idea for CoolerTalk was born.

Right now, if you’re considering working for a client, there’s only one way to get the information you need: ask a friend or colleague who worked already for them. If you don’t know anybody, then tough luck.

At CoolerTalk, we know how that is because we’ve been there before. And we know firsthand what you want as a contractor: better pay, more flexibility, and the opportunity to do interesting work at a company that gives you the respect you deserve.

We believe that every contractor can benefit by knowing what it’s like to work for a particular client before taking a new position. Our philosophy is that, by sharing information together, contractors can raise one another up.

That way you don’t have to roll the dice every time you take a new position. You can make a better choice for your career by gathering information from multiple sources.

By seeing what other contractors got paid, you’ll be in a better position to negotiate for yourself.You’ll also know which clients offer you the most flexibility, and which ones treat contractors the best.

And clients get to know what employees are saying about them anonymously. That gives them invaluable feedback that can help them improve productivity.

A rising tide lifts all boats. We aim to be that tide.


Gopi Sukhavasi

Founder, CoolerTalk

Atlanta, GA