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Our Word

CoolerTalk aims to be the most credible and real place for posting contract job reviews, payrates,level of flexibility and quality of work environment with a client

Our goal is to provide most real, authentic and true information regarding contract jobs for people who are looking out for contract job positions as well as for individuals who are seeking for a better understanding of the client before joining them.

We have a vigilant guideline system which we want all our end users to follow

We never alter or change content submitted on our site, regardless of how minor it is.

We apply identical standard of moderation for all content (regardless of whether the content concerns a customer of CoolerTalk).

Never stifle, channel or erase content basically on the grounds that it is negative/bring down appraised, or positive/higher-evaluated.

Direct every bit of content through a human moderator. Moreover, our team double checks any content that is flagged for secondary review.

Everybody has a privilege to voice his or her opinions or be heard without dreading revenge or other undesirable consideration and we strongly encourage the same.

We remain impartial in all instances of question and don't go about as the discoverer of reality and do not take sides.

We include information regarding the client, it’s payrates and other reviews but we doesn’t support endorsement of any kind in posting the same on our site, it’s strictly for information purpose only.

Please note CoolerTalk utilizes the expression "content" to portray reviews, payrates and other information regarding working in Contractual Job environment.

Evaluation Guidelines


We favor reviews and payrates that offer bits of knowledge that are true and authentic in nature, for Contract Jobs. Please be genuine and tell it like it is.

We trust there's something positive about each working environment, and that even the organizations considered Best Places to Work for contractual work have something they can enhance. Along these lines, we welcome you to consider reviewing from a couple of points of view and incorporate the company culture, quality of work and flexibility in terms of timings and working from home or on location in the reviews.

There is a distinction between giving understanding and insider data. Try to submit reviews that talk about the broader picture of the organizational scenarios only.


No copy pasted or referred material obtained from various sources, including (however not limited to) locales, email correspondence, distinctive studies and so forth will be engaged. All reviews should be specific in nature.

We encourage a sound and helpful discussion of the contract jobs workplace. We don't recognize reviews that fuse pernicious individual attacks (by name, title or association), please take a more moral course in evaluating a client.

To ensure security, we don't allow you to perceive yourself or fuse any contact information (about yourself or others) in your posts, please keep your favored rights intact.

Kindly don't use unreasonable upper casing or highlighting, poor accentuation,dishonorable sorting out, rubbish words, or filler characters. Keep the language colloquial and understandable. Be courteous and professional.


For answers to any questions or ways to contact us, please write us at or or call us at (470) 344-5630