Cooler Talk - Frequently Asked Questions

How would you confirm the data is truly from contractors/consultants who worked at the client site?

Since we can't completely confirm the character of an unknown user, we require every user to ensure their relationship to the company (client) when they post any content. We ensure users join our site via linkedin, facebook and email sign ups and thus validate their candidacy by checking the valid username.

Does CoolerTalk expel negative surveys posted on their site?

No. CoolerTalk won't roll out any improvements to client posted content. The reviews will experience the balance procedure and on the off chance that it passes, it will be posted on the site. However, each review is manually double checked and any obscene, profane and indecent review will be deleted.

What would Coolertalk in case of a false review posted?

Cooler talk will maintain its neutrality in such scenarios and will not delete the comment as we will not take sides and act as a judge. However,in case of the above mentioned scenario mail us at ,but Coolertalk will not be held responsible for the content and its authenticity.

Does Coolertalk post Contractual Job openings as well?

We are a fast growing company and very shortly we will be posting great Contractual Job openings for our consumers and end users.